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What the LNV and Scopia Can Do

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What can the LNV do?


Combining Resources
Let's say you have only a couple of students who want a course in Swahili. But, perhaps a distant school has another student, and a third school has yet a few more. Perhaps the course can be conducted with one teacher at one site, with no travel costs.

Reaching Distant Resources
Perhaps a museum in Boston or an environmentalist in Alaska would be willing to share knowledge with your students. It could be a for-credit activity, or a virtual field trip. (Note: This kind of resource is sometimes referred to as a "program" if it is offered on a regular basis. Programs can be very interactive and engaging, but they often require payment.)


Enabling Student Communication

Students often form clubs or other special interest groups. Why not allow students with the same interests from different schools to "meet" and learn via videoconference?


Collaborations Between Teachers and Their Students

Would your students benefit from interacting with other students around the U.S. and world? You can post an idea for a collaboration or see what other teachers are requesting at the CILC web site at http://www.cilc.org/c/community/collaboration_center.aspx.    Here are some examples of current collaborations:

  • Wanting to establish a connection for a monthly discussion about ongoing global current events. Topics will be predetermined and student viewpoints expressed.
  • I would like to find another IB school to coordinate a group 4 project with HL biology and chemistry students.
  • We plan to do a water quality investigation and would like to share data.
  • We are 1st grade classes, looking for any age students to Skype with one or two times. An alternative to Skype is email or video. We'd like to share how we stay safe in the USA (call 911) and learn how children in other countries keep safe.
  • English III class is studying the Salem Witchcraft Trials and is looking for partners to share dramatic interpretations, dramatic scenes, original RAP songs, etc. about the Salem Witchcraft Trials.
  • AP Language Class looking for a class in Alaska to discuss the book Into the Wild and to learn about your culture.


Educator Professional Development

Why not use the LNV to enhance educator PD in your district? This might look like the following: collaborating with other districts on curriculum and assessment development; examining student work with teachers around the state; etc. Using the combination of LNV and Scopia Desktop, teachers can conduct long distance meetings and share documents, etc.



What Can Scopia Desktop Do?



Scopia Desktop is a web browser-based software that allows users to share a desktop screen to remote locations and/or connect webcams to each other and/or LNV meetings.


In Vermont, Scopia Desktop is one piece of the Learning Network of Vermont video conferencing system (LNV).


Scopia Desktop includes features that are similar to other webcam chatting products (e.g., Skype, Google Video Chat, etc.) In addition, Scopia includes:

  • Text chat (e.g., participants can text questions during meetings)
  • Ability for users to share desktops
  • Allows for multiple video connections
  • Can be used to conduct webinars
  • Meetings/presentations/webinars can be recorded and played back

o   Content only can be recorded

o   Meeting only can be recorded


How can Scopia Desktop connect people?

  • Can be used to bring webcams into conferences/meetings with LNV cameras. (e.g., if you are broadcasting something over the LNV, a person without an LNV can access this same event through Scopia Desktop)
  • Can be used to share content out to LNV cameras and Scopia Desktop webcam participants. (e.g., presentations, documents, etc.)
  • Can be used in meeting with other Scopia Desktop connections and no LNV cameras. (e.g., if you want to meet with a group of people without the LNV, you can do this with Scopia. Any participant in the meeting can request to be a presenter, and then present his/her matierial)


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