The Learning Network of Vermont (LNV)  



Kudos to Sutton and Danville Schools and teachers Karen Budde and Gerry Whitaker! Check out this image of a co-taught - and INTERACTIVE - Latin class! (FYI, I "sat in" on the class via my web cam and Scopia Desktop)






Here are some interesting statistics about the LNV and its use

during the 2010 - 2011 school year:




Understanding the Pieces of LNV: Is the LNV that camera thing that sits on top of the TV at my school?


From a user perspective, the LNV includes 3 different systems that combined are the LNV. 

1) videoconferencing camera and monitor (usually a polycom camera and a TV) in VT schools;

2) web interface that allows users to schedule and control meetings (the iCM/ iView suite); and

3) shared desktop server that allows LNV meeting participants to present their desktop to other participants at remote locations (Scopia Desktop). The Scopia Desktop system also allows for webcams to be meeting participants.

The 3 systems are tied together via the LNV's head-end in Montpelier. It is the head-end that takes all the various pieces of the systems and connects them.


The Learning Network of Vermont (LNV) is a school-based video conferencing system.  To learn more about LNV, please see



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